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Standing Committees

There are currently three Standing Committees that deliver the objectives of the ANZSBT Strategic Plan and assist in priority setting of key issues. The Standing Committees Terms of Reference outline the membership, process and function and are reviewed every 2 years.

Standing Committees' Terms of Reference Amended July 2014 (121 KB)

Standing Committee Membership October 2015 - October 2017

Clinical Practice Improvement Committee

  • Marija Borosak (VIC) Chair
  • Janine Carnell (VIC)
  • Rachel Donegan (NZ)
  • Michaela Kelly (QLD)
  • Penny O'Beid (NSW)
  • Barbara Parker (SA)
  • Debbie Pinchon (WA)
  • Sandra Russell (ACT)
  • Christine Webb (NSW)

The Clinical Practice Improvement Committee will provide a forum to:

  • Promote the sharing of experience in clinical transfusion practice across all jurisdictions including public and private sectors.
  • Coordinate initiatives to ensure the safety, quality and cost effectiveness of transfusion practice.
  • Develop and/or disseminate audit, benchmarking and practice improvement tools.
  • Promote, where appropriate, the standardization and simplification of practice.
  • Develop clinical practice guidelines.
  • Provide an Australian and New Zealand perspective on transfusion medicine to Council, to inform and influence political decision-making.
  • Implement strategies to close the haemovigilance loop.

Education Committee

  • Gerald Bates (TAS) (Chair)
  • Joanne Cameron (ACT)
  • Nina Dhondy (SA)
  • Sue Darby (WA)
  • Sandra Minck (QLD)
  • Liz Thrift (NZ)
  • Neil Waters (VIC)

The Education Committee will:

  • Identify and engage stakeholders by actively contacting colleges and societies and other relevant groups to identify their educational requirements.
  • Assess current gaps and opportunities for the ANZSBT to further develop transfusion medicine knowledge and practice.
  • Disseminate information to meet the needs of stakeholders, using a variety of media.
  • Further develop the ANZSBT website as a central transfusion medicine resource.

Transfusion Science Committee

  • David Roxby (SA) (Chair)
  • Simon Benson (NSW)
  • James Daly (QLD)
  • Dhana Gounder (NZ)
  • Helen Haysom (VIC)
  • Elizabeth Lennox (QLD)
  • Annette LeViellez (WA)
  • Michael Sagan (VIC)
  • Nicole Zacher (VIC)

The Transfusion Science Committee will:

  • Develop and maintain scientific and technical guidelines relating to transfusion practice.
  • Develop ‘position statement’ documents in the areas of transfusion science on behalf of the Society.
  • Provide an Australian and New Zealand perspective on scientific aspects of transfusion to Council, to inform and influence political decision-making.
  • Oversee research activities of the Society, including assessment of research grant applications.
  • Respond as required on scientific and technical questions.