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Featured Recipients

Transfusion Professionals Award in Clinical Transfusion Practice (sponsored by CSL Behring)
Rebecca McLean

Congratulations to Rebecca who is the Transfusion Medicine Safety Clinical Nurse at Fiona Stanley Hospital, and a member of the ANZSBT Education Standing Committee. Rebecca describes her award winning project below.

Rebecca McLean

What was the aim of your project?
We were keen to remove the Theatre blood fridge at our site. We had issues with cold chain traceability due to poor documentation of blood movement in and out of the theatre blood fridge. The Scientist in charge in the Transfusion Medicine Unit identified alternatives to the theatre blood fridge in the form of “shippers”.

Why is this an issue for the transfusion medicine community?
Being unable to confirm that cold chain has been maintained can lead to Red Blood Cells being administered out of the appropriate temperature. Also, the documentation of the theatre blood fridges was done so poorly and infrequently that this change was necessary to prevent blood waste.

How will this project improve outcomes? 
Through our audit, we were able to review the number of blood products that were returned out of the temperature range (0). There was zero blood waste as a result of this change. We also noted that of the 364 Red Blood Cells issued to theatre during our 8 week trial that only 36% (n=133) were actually transfused. This information has led to an introduction of a surgical blood ordering tool which aids the medical officers with determining if they need to order or request blood for a patient based on the procedure they are consented for.

Rebecca's poster can be found here...