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Topics in Transfusion Medicine

Topics in Transfusion Medicine (TTM) was a regular publication from the Society which endeavoured to present up to date interest items in the transfusion arena from around the world deemed to be of interest to members at large. At times it contained invited or submitted papers from members that dealt with key areas of transfusion practice or transfusion related research. There are no plans to publish any further issues.

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Complete issues are available as PDF files and can be downloaded from the TTM Table of Contents. You can also search the issues for keywords.

ANZSBT Guidelines

Formerly released as special issues of TTM, the Guidelines are now published separately.
The Society is no longer printing hard copies of the guidelines unless Council deems otherwise in certain circumstances.

Superseded versions of some Guidelines are available in the Members Area, see ANZSBT Guidelines Archive.

pdf iconExtended Life Plasma: A Framework for Preparation, Storage and Use, 2nd edition, August 2013 Corrected September 2013 (390KB) *NEW*
PDF Extended Life Plasma: A Framework for Preparation, Storage and Use, 2nd edition, August 2013 Corrected September 2013 (390KB) print version *NEW*
pdf iconAdministration of Blood Products - December 2011 (936KB)
pdf iconAdministration of Blood Products - December 2011 (924KB) print version
Formerly Administration of Blood Components- Oct 2004
pdf iconPrevention of Transfusion-Associated Graft-Versus-Host Disease (TA-GVHD) - January 2011 (290KB)
Formerly Gamma Irradiation of Blood Components - May 2003
Pretransfusion Laboratory Practice - Mar 2007 (329KB) Currently under review.
Blood Grouping & Antibody Screening in the Antenatal & Perinatal Setting - Mar 2007 (889KB)
Laboratory Assessment of Fetomaternal Haemorrhage - Nov 2002 (145KB)
Autologous Blood Collection - Apr 2002 (122KB)

Position and Consensus Statements

ANZSBT/ARCBS consensus statement on use and allocation of Kell negative red cells, updated November 2015 (96KB)
Position statement - Preoperative Autologous Donation (PAD) - May 2015 (122KB)

Apheresis Guidelines

These guidelines were produced by the Australian and New Zealand Apheresis Association. This Society disbanded and its members joined the ANZSBT.

Guidelines for Education, Training and Competency in Apheresis - Jun 2001 (36KB)
Guidelines for Apheresis - Nov 1998 (52KB)
Therapeutic Apheresis - Operator Competency Package - Aug 2006 * (541KB)
*Produced in conjunction with the Victorian Apheresis Interest Group, ARCBS Victoria and other interested parties from interstate.

Patient Blood Management Guidelines

Development of the following modules was achieved through clinical input and expertise of representatives from ANZSBT and other stakeholder colleges and societies. The modules listed below are linked to the guidelines published on the National Blood Authority website.

Module 1 Critical Bleeding/Massive Transfusion
Module 2 PerioperativeModule 2 Perioperative
Module 3 Medical
Module 4 Critical Care


Other Publications

Paediatric Patient Information
These kits were produced collaboratively by ANZSBT, BloodSafe, the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, (ARCBS) and the New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS). Copies are available from the ARCBS and the NZBS.

pdf icon Children receiving a blood transfusion - A PARENTS' GUIDE (273 KB)
pdf icon
Amazing You - LET'S LEARN ABOUT BLOOD (2.11MB)
pdf icon Voyages Comic (3.54MB)

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