Standing Committees

In March 2007, members were informed of the development of three new committees to further enhance the workings of the society beyond the previous scientific subcommittee. These committees have now been established and members have been appointed by Council for a 2-year period. Membership has been updated to reflect changes since 2007.
pdf icon Standing Committees' Terms of Reference Amended July 2014 (121 KB)

Membership October 2015-October 2017

Clinical Practice Improvement Committee

  • Marija Borosak (VIC) Chair
  • Janine Carnell (VIC)
  • Rachel Donegan (NZ)
  • Michaela Kelly (QLD)
  • Penny O'Beid (NSW)
  • Barbara Parker (SA)
  • Debbie Pinchon (WA)
  • Sandra Russell (ACT)
  • Christine Webb (NSW)

Education Committee

  • Gerald Bates (TAS) (Chair)
  • Joanne Cameron (ACT)
  • Nina Dhondy (SA)
  • Sue Field (WA)
  • Sandra Minck (QLD)
  • Liz Thrift (NZ)
  • Neil Waters (VIC)

Transfusion Science Committee

  • David Roxby (SA) (Chair)
  • Simon Benson (NSW)
  • James Daly (QLD)
  • Dhana Gounder (NZ)
  • Helen Haysom (VIC)
  • Elizabeth Lennox (QLD)
  • Annette LeViellez (WA)
  • Michael Sagan (VIC)
  • Nicole Zacher (ACT)

Transfusion Professionals Network
In October 2011 the Australian New Zealand Transfusion Professionals (ANZTP) Special Interest Group of the ANZSBT was formed. In 2015 it changed its name to Transfusion Professionals Network (TPN). Membership is available to members of the society who are nurses, midwives, scientists or other health professionals in advanced roles undertaking quality improvement and clinical practice in transfusion and patient blood management.
pdf icon TPN TOR June 2015 Terms of Reference (96 KB)

TPN Steering Committee

  • Fiona King (New Zealand)
  • Liz Thrift (New Zealand)
  • Beverleigh Quested (ARCBS)
  • Maria Burgess (ACT)
  • Sally Francis (NSW)
  • Julie Domanski (NT)
  • Natasha Kearey (Qld)
  • Barbara Parker (SA)
  • Dawn Richardson (TAS)
  • Chris Akers (VIC) Chair
  • Adreinne Harper (VIC) Secretary
  • Angie Monk (WA)

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